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Interior design to
improve your business


Design concepts for offices and retail environments

with impact on your sales. That's what we offer you. 

We change your professional environment

into a powerful marketing tool.

Why work with Bau Office & Retail Design?

Choose for flexibility, creativity and the personal touch
that only a small agency can provide.

Vergaderruimte met presentatiescherm
Vergaderruimte met presentatiescherm

Office Design

Transform your office into

a powerful marketing tool

• Improve your client experience

• Boost your employee satisfaction

• Tell your company's story

• Show what your company does

• Brand your space, elevate your brand

• Create a workspace that inspires

• Connect better with your clients

• Work more efficiently


Retail Design

Design your shop

to boost your sales

• Create a sales-driven shopping experience

• Present your products with pride and authority

• Improve your client experience

• Design a store that works

• Use your push and pull products smartly

• Show what your product does

• Create points of emphasis

• Improve your product presentation

"Strategic interior design can be a
game-changer for growing businesses."

• More than 15 years of experience

• Partial and full renovations

• Office design, visual merchandising and store layouts

• Strategic design concepts with impact on your sales

• Focus on customer engagement to increase sales 

• Full design & build service

• Interior design for ambitious businesses

Bau Interieur zorgt voor een goede opvolging van de werf
BAU Project Argenta-29.jpg

We designed succesful concepts for showrooms, retail spaces, offices, medical practices, dental practices, wellness spaces, catering establishments...

Our services

• all-in design service

• new or existing spaces​

• workspaces and retail

• focus on return-on-investment

• improve brand identity and

  brand experience

• efficient workspaces

• ready for the digital future

  branding service

• integrate your brand into

  the interior design

• save costs and time

• a smooth realization

• professional project management

• focus on timing, budget and quality • streamlined process and planning

• solutions for your move

• smooth transition

• your staff is operational from day 1

• we take care of the exit procedure 

  from the previous building

• a full check

• a recovery program

• full preparation of your former 

  workplace for the final inventory

• we make sure that you are  

  satisfied in your new office

• we monitor everything so that

  you remain satisfied

BAU Project Argenta-9.jpg

We are proud

of these projects

Wondering what your office or shop could look

like in the future? Discover some previous projects.

What our clients say

A physiotherapist practice in Lommel

“Very pleasant collaboration with Roel. He managed to transform our request into a stylish design in which simplicity, peace, and warmth are central. Exactly what we asked. ”

Contact us

Bau Interieur
BE 0780.427.752

Roel Haagdoren

+32 495 29 08 94

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